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One of the biggest life-changing lessons I've learned in the nail profession is that
am not in competition with anyone.

When I was starting out my career, I believed I had to be better than everyone else. I felt that in order to be successful, I had to beat out others in pricing, skill and hours. The truth is, I actually just had to do my best in developing relationships. I had finally come to the realization that I was my own worst enemy and I was holding myself back. 

Today, I know and believe that I am enough. I always do my best and follow my passion. I believe that success and the financial security I seek for my family will automatically come when I live in alignment with my passion. It all starts with becoming aware of the limiting beliefs/stories and now one of my divine purposes is to coach others into finding and accepting their greatness and beauty, inside and out.

Coaching Sessions are available in a variety of options...in person. online, over the phone, privately or in a group. The length of sessions vary depending on the needs of the client. By using nail skills and other exercises, the client is able to become aware of limiting beliefs that are holding them back. The goal at the end of any coaching session is for the client to walk away with better nail skills, intentional business actions and an awareness of what they are saying to themselves that is holding them back from what they say they want. Cost varies depending on the program or number of coaching sessions needed. The first 20 minute coaching session is free. If you would like more information or have any questions, go to the contact page and fill out the form. 

If you would like more information or have any questions, go to the contact page and fill out the form. 

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Before my coaching experience with Barb, I felt heavily indebted to my salon clients. I felt like I constantly had to give them MORE becauseI had to justify my prices. I didn't think it was possible to earn what I wanted without giving more of myself to my clients. More time, more availability, longer hours, free nail art, etc. 


Working with Barb helped me understand that these setbacks were due to my mindset; a lot of my salon struggles didn't even have to do with my actual work or working environment. By implementing Barb's coaching & working on my mindset & my business simultaneously, I found clarity & confidence. I am clear about what I want from my business. I'm clear about how I want to run my business. I'm clear about how maintaining boundaries with scheduling & pricing will help make it all a reality. I now feel rejuvenated by my work. I don't feel like I always owe my clients "more", like I have to prove my worth to them. I am confident in the value I give them & I am confident in my pricing. All because my mindset has changed.


I was drawn to Barb because she is very open & warm but she doesn't beat around the bush. She is a genuine person able to see what I often don't about myself. She uses her words thoughtfully & I feel safe because she doesn't criticize me. Instead, she meets me where I am & helps me find the answers to my struggles. These answers have transformed my entire life, not just my salon life. She's an effective coach because she definitely holds me to account without trying to shape the outcome to her own agenda. If I had to describe her coaching style in one word, it would be Compassionate.